My work is founded on the exploration of Consciousness and the cultivation of Listening.


It is through experience, observation and creation that we may explore as individuals and as communities the full richness of consciousness. When we set upon the understanding and cultivation of consciousness, our potential for awareness and growth may be exponentially realized. 

It is my belief that one of the most powerful ways by which we may cultivate consciousness is through our utilization and development of Listening.


For me, Listening is not solely concerned with hearing, it is our whole being in profound receptivity and activity. My understanding of Listening was initially formed out of my interest in music and sound. Over the years, this original interest has evolved into my examination of all phenomena through which I incorporate a number of modalities into my creative work, these include: mysticism, the sciences, philosophy, architecture, martial arts, yoga and other disciplines.


These concepts require a diverse and complimentary palette of expression as they touch on a broad number of issues and concerns. It is for these reasons that I have worked in the mediums of sound and music, literature,  and film.

Through my creative endeavours, I am not attempting to define but to explore and stimulate potentialities of what we consider to be the real and the imagined, the possible and the impossible.


Joël is a Vancouver-based composer, sound designer and writer.


At an early age, Joël was intrigued by sound, an attraction that began with his father's record collection and lead to his study of music composition. In addition to this profound fascination with sound, Joël was equally drawn to mysticism, mythology and science. This cocktail of interests took him on to further studies of the martial arts, yoga, meditation and bioenergetic modalities. Joël has initiated several innovative projects focusing on altered states of consciousness and healing through music and sound. His writing, music, classes and workshops, focus on fostering a deeper understanding of consciousness, self-knowledge, creativity, and participatory mystique.

In 2000, while studying Bushido in Japan, Joël began the realization of a large scale work, "The Books of Magra." It is a seven volume series with an accompanying album of music for each individual book.

In 2018 Joël published the first book and album, "The Books of Magra: Hax-Sus;" and in the same year, he contributed sound design to Judith M. Atkinson's exhibit "The Return of the Goddess."

In 2019 "Grand Structures" from "The Books of Magra: Hax-Sus" album was included in Sonologues 2019.

Currently, Joël has released the first album "Barycentre" for his rock trio  side project Beta Cephei, and is currently completing "H.R.G.: Sonic Memoriam," an album dedicated to the paintings of H.R. Giger.


As always, he continues to work on "The Books of Magra" series, at this time, the second book and album of "The Books of Magra" series.

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