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The Book!

Set in a Medieval time period, the first book, "The Books of Magra: Hax-Sus," focuses on "the desire to know" and tells of two journeys. 


The first is of a boy and an old architect brought together by the destruction of their kingdom. Together they set out to understand the true nature of Hax-Sus (the desire to know) as they are guided by an unusual and singular compass. 

The second journey is of a young hermit and a warrior woman. Complete strangers, both in a new land, find their respective quests bring them upon the same path, challenging and transforming their original goals.

Both narratives, haunting and contemplative, lay an intriguing foundation for the entire series.

The Album!

"The Books of Magra: Hax-Sus" is the first album in a series that accompanies the first book of the same name.

It is a powerful performance of solo and multiple tracked ambient guitars with percussion.

The guitar work is soothing and virtuosic as it blends with drums, cymbals and singing bowls to forge hypnotic and intriguing soundscapes. 

All instruments performed by Joël Tibbits

Mastering by Cameron Catalano

Now Available!

The Books of Magra: Hax-Sus

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